Use the Controls API methods to configure how the user can interact with the scene


(static) configureControls(configuration)

Pass configuration to set parameters for controls
// All parameters are optional
var configuration = {
  // Minimum distance camera can approach scene
  minDistance: 1000,
  // Maximum distance camera can move from scene
  maxDistance: 5000,
  // Maximum distance camera target can move from scene
  maxBounds: 7500,
  // Minimum polar angle of camera
  minPolarAngle: 0.25 * Math.PI,
  // Maximum polar angle of camera
  maxPolarAngle: 0.8 * Math.PI,
  // Set to true to disable panning
  noPan: true,
  // Set to true to disable rotating
  noRotate: false,
  // Set to true to disable zooming
  noZoom: false
Procedural.configureControls( configuration );
Name Type Description
configuration Object An Object specifying the configuration